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Semtech Wireless Charger无线充电解决方案

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Semtech 无线充电发射机 TX和接收机RX

Semtech提供无线功率发射器和接收器平台,用于符合标准和不符合标准的系统中的直接和间接充电应用。 Semtech是无线电力联盟(WPC)和AirFuel联盟的成员,并积极帮助形成未来的无线电力标准。



Semtech offers wireless power transmitter and receiver platforms for both direct and indirect charge applications in both standard compliant and non-compliant systems. Semtech is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), and is active in helping shape the future standards for wireless power.

●Support mutliple system configurations
Multiple supply voltages and coil configurations with the same architecture

Supports custom receiver and transmitter coil sizes and inductance values

●Support for medium and high power Tx and Rx solutions
10W and 15W for tablets, 20W for notebooks, 40W and 100W for high-power apps

Supports indirect (constant voltage) and direct battery charging


●Firmware-based and programmable
Customizable to meet any custom application requirement

Firmware is upgradable to support evolving standards

●Support for low power (0.1W -2W) Tx and Rx solutions
Both standard and proprietary solutions

Direct charging of batteries at <50mAh

●Multi-standard solutions based on single Tx hardware
WPC Qi + PMA in a single hardware solution

WPC Qi + PMA + A4WP (Rezence) in a single hardware solution
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